Monday – June 5th,2017

9,00  ··· Registration and delivery of documentation

10,00 ··· Opening remarks and presentation

11,00 ··· Master Class: Transforming research to transforming education. José Ignacio Rivasm, University of Málaga

13,00 ··· Lunch

15,00 ··· Workshops

1. The potential of using Skype in qualitative interviews with young people. Susie Weller, Southampton University

2. Thinking about educational research as a disruptive praxis from the Apren-do Project.
Juana María Sancho and Fernando Hernández, University of Barcelona

18,00 ··· End of the day

Tuesday – June 6th, 2017

9,00 ··· Master Class: Transformative approaches: synergies, distinctions, strengths and current challenges. Ros Edwards, Southampton University

11,00 ··· Coffee Break

11,30 ··· Master Class: Video Stimulated Dialogue: A method with transformative potential for pedagogy. Melanie Nind and Sarah Lewthwaite, Southampton University

13,30 ··· Lunch

15,30 ··· Workshops:

1. Video stimulated recall, reflection and dialogue. Melanie Nind and Sarah Lewthwaite, Southampton University

2. I-poem method of analysis to explore subjectivity in qualitative interviews. Susie Weller and Ros Edwards, Southampton University

18,30 ··· End of the day

Wednesday – June 7th, 2017

9,00 ··· Master Class: To be confirmed. Marcial García López, University of Málaga University and Esther Simancas, University of Cádiz

11,00 ··· Coffee Break

11,30 ··· Master Class: To be confirmed. João M Paraskeva, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

13,30 ··· Lunch

15,30 ··· Workshops:

1.  Cartographies in educational research. José Miguel Correa and Estitxu Aberasturi, University of the Basque Country

2.  Horizontal Methodologies and dialogical strategies of social research in multiple contexts. Juan Bautista Martínez, University of Granada University and Eduardo Fernández, University of Valladolid

18,30 ··· Closing.