The Workshop

In times of alliances between neoliberalism and conservatism, investigation, especially in the field of humanities and social sciences, is heading towards more instrumental approaches, lacking epistemological considerations and oriented from states public policies and the social and economic power groups.

Education policies are entering an endless technocratic loop oriented towards the economy and the market, which cancels, paradoxically, any debate on the meaning of education of pedagogical practices or either transforms the educational exclusively in a problem of training towards the professional market. The loss of the epistemological, axiological and methodological foundations is, again a constant.

Facing this scenario, we are thinking of epistemological and methodological different proposals that are taking place in difficult socio-educational settings, supporting and developing projects seeking change. This counter-hegemonic orientation of investigation corresponds to another way of understanding educational processes, therefore, building another educational model, another school, another educational relationships, etc. Which needs another way of investigating which contributes to this transformation.

These assumptions are what are leading us to address the III Annual Summer Workshop, which REUNI+D organizes, as part of their activity as networks of educational investigation groups. In this case it will revolve around «Transformative and Inclusive Social and Educational Research» and it is organised by the group Procie, from the University of Malaga. It is a step further along the same lines initiated by the group Esbrina, from the University of Barcelona, that held the I Annual Summer Workshop, in 2015: «Alternative Methods in Social Research«.

This course is especially oriented towards students of doctorate programs and teachers involved in investigations oriented towards change and social and educational transformation, also towards learners of postgraduate degrees in Education, Social Sciences and Humanities, preferably.

It is intended to generate a space for open discussion, debate and collective construction around this issue that will let us advance in another way of understanding the investigation, the education and the society. Thus it will have a practical approach in which we will be able to contribute to the investigation of the participants as part of the debate.

The academic structure of the 3 days in which the workshop will take place has 2 working periods. One first, in the mornings, with the presentation of research proposals which are taking place from this perspective; the afternoons will be dedicated to workshops regarding research proposals where the centre of attention will be on the transformation, the community, collaboration and horizontality.

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